A resonable car is supposed
to cary it's owner everwhere.
Except to the vanity fair.

Henry Ford

The Future of Mobility

The global recession and others that come, meeting the automotive industry in particular: Nearly all manufacturers are struggling with slump, liquidity bottlenecks and problems with financing. Car manufacturers and suppliers are forced to drastically reduce costs and have to get quick access to liquidity reserves, sustainable global capacity to adapt - but also the ability to deliver and ensure a long-term performance of the supply chain to maintain or even increase. In addition, calls on the market requesting more and more model ranges, shorter product life cycles and a high speed of innovation.

The increasing complexity of products goes hand in hand with a global orientation of the Supply Chain; from sales to procurement. Last but not least the value chain is making them more flexible, in order to enable collaborations to adapt and quickly react to market demands. The companies are called in the future to the growth markets of China, Russia, and Brazil.


Various challenges

The future brings various challenges for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. The multiple use of parts to all vehicle models, the consistent work with identical parts will only be one of the many tasks. Production methods and materials must be adapted to the changed situation.


Smaller series

Manufacturers are transformed by smaller, individual series to small-series manufacturers and must re-learn this craft only and to understand the changed markets. UNIQUECO is a competent consultant with new concepts and ideas ready for the support of every OEM.


Project Management

UNIQUECO-projects will be / can be implemented either on their own initiative or as a consulting engagement on cutomers order. We bind further partners from the own competence network oriented on the project. We ensure a demand-oriented provision of resources depending on the project and progress. Together with our customers we create completely new working practices, and open the angle for the "big picture" of a task.


UNIQUECO is a development partner of the automotive industry. It is our task to carry out innovative vehicle projects and make new, environment-friendly drive concepts ready for series production. Together with our customers and partners we look for solutions that are sustainable. Also in our work processes we pay careful attention to environmental protection and are constantly looking for ways to improve.


Sustainable Solutions

We make our work with an important contribution to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, we develop CO2-arms drive concepts and allow with innovative powertrain development the increasing use of renewable energies. Our whole vehicle expertise allows us to improve the efficiency of every manufactured product. For this purpose we set with all innovative strength and expertise to develop projects fitting to our customers' environmental targets. We save resources in using new production methods and materials for the projects. Together with our customers UNIQUECO finds a sustainable approach.

Carbon Credits

As the only consulting company in the automotive sectors we provide to our projects so-called "Carbon Credits".  For all the CO2 used in the projects we offer carbon credits by direct cooperation with sustainable energy projects in order to neutralize the CO2 emissions. UNIQUECO here is not taking the way through intermediaries or agencies, but creates self-direct projects without friction. In the area of e-mobility we work together with one of the leading development companies in the industry - E-CAR-TECH. Together we create e-mobility solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.