Automotive Brand Contest Winner 2014

von Uniqueco (Kommentare: 0)

An international expert jury has declared a multi-purpose vehicle designed by UNIQUECO a winner in the "Volume Exterior Brand" category. In the past few years, this award has won only the major brands from the automotive sector.

The MPV went as an outsider in the evaluation and convinced. The prizes will be officially awarded on October 2, 2014, at the Parisian Autosalon.
"We are very pleased ...", says Dr. Rudolf Maune and the vehicle designer Markus Noeske "... we would never have expected an award, and are totally surprised. To be rewarded with such a high-profile competition is more than just a gift for our product design. " The MPV is a real 4x4 workhorse with a galvanized frame and an ABS plastic body. Based on the technology of one of the leading European OEMs, the MPV offers maximum technical freedom and a solid platform for the construction of special vehicles. The dyed ABS plastic body does not need any paint and can be recycled up to 100%. The MPV is aimed at customers in the commercial sector: mining, forestry, NGO's, rescue organizations, hunters and simply all users of the many gravel roads in Europe. These are found in the MPV a robust and honest vehicle.

The car design, which has now been awarded, has been developed from 2013 - 2014 in different stages of evolution at UNIQUECO. "In the beginning, it was only about disguising the vehicle technology as effectively as possible so that it would not 'rain in'. Over time, however, design elements have been added which give the MPV an unmistakable appearance and thus the MPV has become an icon ", says the designer Markus Noeske.


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