26.09.2017 (Dienstag)

Suzuki Kei concept cars

Suzuki has a long history of creating rough, tough compact off-roaders capable of punching well above their weight, and the e-Survivor would suggest the company plans to keep that heritage alive in the future.

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05.10.2017 (Donnerstag)

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 for US-Army

After months of testing and development, GM handed over its Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to the U.S. Army and its R&D arm TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center).

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06.11.2017 (Montag)

Ares X-Raid Mercedes G

Bored with the same old Wranglers and G-Classes but not so sure you want to go all-out Rezvani Tank? New bespoke shop Ares Design offers a different option, completing making over the Mercedes-AMG G63

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Automotive titans join forces to install 400 fast charging station across Europe

Daimler, BMW, Ford and VW (which includes Audi and Porsche) are collaborating on the installation of fast charging stations across numerous countries in Europe, starting with 20 this year.

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29.05.2019 (Mittwoch)

Mercedes Experimental Safety Vehicle ESF

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its latest Experimental Safety Vehicle, the ESF 2019, and with it a whole raft of innovative new technologies the company sees as potential life-savers in the coming decades. The particular focus this time around is the awkward transition period as vehicles move toward full autonomy.


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