24.08.2017 (Donnerstag)

Modular electric aCar built to go off-road in Africa

Mobility is a challenging concept in Africa. Rugged terrain and a lack of infrastructure make moving goods by land difficult, which is why some countries like Rwanda are turning to drones in search of a better way.

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29.08.2017 (Dienstag)

GMC Still Believes A Small Crossover Could Expand The Brand’s Appeal

It seems like a no-brainer for GMC to expand into the subcompact SUV territory as its sister brands Chevrolet and Buick have. Despite this, GMC has yet to tackle the segment.

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Ariel promises 1,180 hp from range-extended, electric HIPERCAR

Ariel is already responsible for some of the craziest cars on the road today. The small UK firm made a name for itself with the Atom, before expanding to create the rugged Nomad and two-wheeled Ace.

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UK's Royal Mail kicks off electric delivery van trials

Postal delivery in London is about to get a little bit greener, with Royal Mail launching trials of nine fully electric mail vans. Made for Royal Mail by UK company Arrival, the shiny new vehicles have been built to carry out inner city deliveries, and will begin ferrying packages around the city this week.

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15.09.2017 (Freitag)

Genesis G70, brand's first compact sport sedan, targets the 'German 3'

Genesis, Hyundai Motor Co.'s fledgling luxury brand, is vowing to challenge more established German rivals with the G70, its first compact sport sedan, that will offer optional 3.3-liter V-6 turbocharged performance.

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26.09.2017 (Dienstag)

Mobius II Kenya

Mobius II is built for Africa. The robust space-frame, rugged suspension and proven engine enable the durability to handle rough roads reliably.

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