07.08.2017 (Montag)

GM launches small EV in China

The Baojun E100, it has about 100 miles of range and costs less than the average motorbike. The caveat? It's only available in China.

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Two New Electrified Cars By Ford To Debut In China Market With More Models To Come By 2025

In a press release today, Ford said that they were to introduce two EVs into the Chinese market; a Mondeo sedan plug-in version and a new fully-electrified small SUV.

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PV panel-packed family EV goes up for pre-order

Last year, German startup Sono Motors embarked on a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding effort to get its electric family commuter into production. The Sion design included 7.5 square meters of photovoltaic panels.

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Classic London taxi evolves with hybrid range-extender TX

The iconic London black taxi is getting a 21st century makeover. The London EV Company, previously known as the London Taxi Company, has unveiled the modern, hybrid TX for eco-minded cabbies.

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10.08.2017 (Donnerstag)

RIP Tamo Racemo: Tata's sports car brand shelved

Rest in peace Tamo Racemo, you died before your time. Yes, Tata’s new Tamo sports car line has had to bite the dust due to some aggressive cost-cutting, it is being reported.

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Students Make Biodegradable Car From Plants And Veggies

Cars have long been a target of environmentalists, though we suspect this particular machine would pass even the most extreme environmental scrutiny. That’s because this ride is made mostly of plants and sugar beets.

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