Automotive titans join forces to install 400 fast charging station across Europe

Bored with the same old Wranglers and G-Classes but not so sure you want to go all-out Rezvani Tank? New bespoke shop Ares Design offers a different option, completing making over the Mercedes-AMG G63 into the sportier, more modern X-Raid with all that Graz-built ruggedness below. For good measure, it drops an extra 200 hp in while cutting 440 lb (200 kg) with help from plenty of carbon fiber.

G-Class styling has evolved only mildly over the four decades the model has been on the market, leaving the modern G looking much like the original. And why not? There's something timeless about a rugged, sharp-edged utility vehicle built to wander roadless stretches of earth. Still, some potential buyers might be itching for a new look.