Ariel promises 1,180 hp from range-extended, electric HIPERCAR

Ariel is already responsible for some of the craziest cars on the road today. The small UK firm made a name for itself with the Atom, before expanding to create the rugged Nomad and two-wheeled Ace. Now, the Somerset-based team has turned its attention to electric power for what promises to be Ariel's maddest car yet – the HIPERCAR (HIgh PERformance CARbon Reduction).

Usually, supercar reveals are a painful, drawn-out process that are big on hype and light on detail. Ariel has gone in a different direction and provided details about the series hybrid powertrain that will power its as-yet unnamed car. Electric power will come from a heated and cooled lithium-ion battery pack with 42 or 56 kWh of storage. It'll be backed by a small, unleaded gasoline-fueled 35-kW (47-hp) micro-turbine acting as a range extender.